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What's your kid's favorite school lunch?

Does he stick with the old sandwich standby, or do you send him off with something creative? 

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concerned mom

My son gets lunch in school. His favorite lunch is pizza. He also likes tuna salad and P B & J. As a side dish, he gets a tossed salad, a vegie or a fruit, as well as a carton of milk.

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When I have the time I try to fill up a bento box with different yummy things. I try to make it fun and nutritious.

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Ladies, you might want to try Deli Creations sandwich for them... It's easy to make. only takes less than a minute to heat up, pretty handy... I used to having it for my lunch.. :) and they're good. the packs come with a soft flatbread or soft sub roll, together with quality Oscar Mayer cuts of meat, premium cheeses and specialty sauces, all individually wrapped for freshness... and it's fun to make!

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Our school cafeteria does not have microwaves for the children to use. My daughter (11) earns fifty cents a day for making and remembering her own lunch. PB & J, fruit, chips, and milk money.
I was glad I put in the remembering stipulation. It made it so there was a consequence the day she forgot her lunch, and I could still do the soft-hearted mom thing and take it to her at school!

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That's lovely Acitez.. you are teaching her to be responsible since her younger age.. :) you go!
I also don't trust school cafeteria meals, most of them are high calories and sugar. That's why I made my own sandwich for me and the rest of the family.. :) and they're happy with those Deli Creations sandwiches.. :) they could choose turkey, ham or steakhouse sandwich.