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Trouble Feeding Son

We have a hard time feeding solid foods to our son. It seems all that he wants to eat is blended chicken soup with vegetables. Which is not bad, but he gets sick of it sometimes and prefers not to eat at all. We have tried many different foods but we cant get him to budge. Doctors say its normal but we worry about it a lot any advice for first time parents.


Our son drinks milk three times a day.

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We have unrealistic notions about how much food children actually need.

I have an immersion blender that I used to blend whatever the grown-ups were eating. When Zack first came to daycare, he would only eat pureed food, but over the course of the first week, I reduced the amount of liquid in his portion until it was very chunky. After that, he would eat most anything that was put before him.
Little 1/4" cubes of food that he could pick up with his hands, rice, peas, Cheerios.
If your baby has molars so he can grind food, that is what I would do.

Balance, variety, and independence are more important than amount.

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concerned mom

How old is your son? Maybe he's just not ready for solids yet. The dr told us to start our sons on solids at 4-6 mos. My oldest took to solids right away w/ no objections. My youngest son used to stick his tongue out and push the food out of his mouth. We started w/ cereal, then vegies. When those didn't work, the dr suggested we try fruits. Our son was closer to 6 mos when he began eating solid foods. We cld tell he was hungry as we had to increase his bottle during the day. By 6 mos, our son was fine. He ate most foods we gave him. Now he's 4, and he eats a good variety of foods. He's going through a picky stage as far as how much he eats, but we don't push him. He eats when he's hungry, we limit snacks, and we know he's not going to starve. Good luck!