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Quick and wholesome snack ideas?

Snacking on the go is a way of life for busy moms and kids. What are the wholesome snacks you reach for on the way out the door?

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Welcome to the board. I have three daughters ranging frm 14 to 10. I have had the same question. Try getting some microwaved popcorn for those quick trips. You can monitor how much they are eating and control the content by getting a non buttered and placing just alittle seasoning on it. I also like to bring dried apple pieces or the crackers with cheese in the middle. My girls are not allowed cookies, chips or soda. I peel some oranges and place them in a sandwich baggie for the on the go. Frozen grapes are great for the summer time too that way they get their fruit and they think of it also like an ice pop to cool them off

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Hi! We do granola bars, raisins, bananas, apples that are sliced up, cheese sticks, little boxes of cranberries, cranraisins, Quaker rice cakes, pretzels, cheese crackers, peanut butter crackers that I make up ahead of time, the packs of apple sauce or pamagrante, and if you can keep them cold those drinkable yogurts.

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concerned mom

Pretzels and cheese sticks are my kids' favs. They also love fresh fruit and vegies (especially carrots and cuccumbers). We always carry small bottles of water or juice boxes too for longer trips.