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fussy meat eater

Hi! I am new to this site and looking for some advice!!

My daughter is 6 years old and will not eat meat that I prepare for the rest of the family. I am tired of eating macaroni & hamburg or spaghetti and don't agree on hot dogs or bologna too often.. If I cook hamburg in a sauce or meatballs, she will not eat the meat but the rest in her plate. Everyone tells me " she's eating her veggies good for her!" but I beleive she MUST have protein too!! She has every food group covered but meat. And substitutes... hates nuts or peanut butter, won't eat fish, eggs or chicken anymore (when younger she did eat) . My husband and I seem to be putting  aside dishes & casseroles we like so we don't have to make 2 different meals, but at the same time getting tired of eating the same thing all the time. I am at wits end..


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 I think it may be a mistake to cater to her, as this may just be reinforcing her dislike of the meats. If you are worried about her getting all the nutrients she requires, then maybe vitamins are the way to go. Have you discussed this with her pediatrician? He/she may have some insight into this behavior. Good luck to you!

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i know she is just 6 but i have never really liked meat and am very picky about the select times i do eat it my mother says i never liked meat at all so that could just be the problem try vitemins and fix the things you like and tell her to eat the veggies and eat around the meat if she don't like but don't give up on what you and everyone like for her.go to maybe a heath food store for a protein alternative they would probley carry it there are healthy vegatarians out there but as far as everything else she is a child you give them an inch they will take a mile

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Does she drink milk, or eat cheese. Both of these are good alternatives. There are a lot of meat substitutes too such as quorn, tofu or soya based products. We are not vegetarians but eat very little meat and are still very healthy. It's great that she eats her veggies. A lot of children won't.

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the rule at our house when my kids were growing up was that you ate the meal that was prepared or you could help your self to a bowl of cereal.  i only kept kix, cherrios and rice krispies on hand. every day they had a multi-vitamin. we  had a pediatrician who explained to me that

1. children will never starve themselves.

2. the vitamin provided the components they were missing by not eating what i served.

3. there were hidden nutrients in almost anything they ate.

4. making a big deal out of it would draw attention to it and perhaps create eating disorders later.

we followed his advice and did just fine. 

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Some people just don't like meat and after all, what is wrong with vegetarianism. If you stick to a good vegetarian diet, you can be just as healthy as carnivores.

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gail Hanson

milk, cheese, ice cream & yogurt are all animal protein.  If she's getting her 3 to 4 servings of dairy, you are part way there.  I wouldn't worry about it as long as she is energetic and looks healthy (shiny hair and eyes, good skin color, adequate weight)

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  Oh my oldest was this way, notice the word "was". I had a hard time getting him to eat meat. He would sit at the table and cry, and gag his way through a meal. Sometimes I would have to feed him to get him moving. Then he would pull the "I dont feel good" right at meal time if he did not like what we had. I would make him a plate and when he was felling better thats what he got. now I did use baby steps. I only required him to eat one or two bites of meat. I had read somewhere that a child will take about 10-12 encounters with a food before they start to change their view of it. After a while of doing this he started to "like" some foods. Teriyaki chicken that I would grill at home with stir fry veggies and rice, or even beef stroganof (sp). It got to where he would ask for these foods.

 I also am quite picky when it comes to meat. I dont like store bought hamburger because of the fat and grisel in it. I buy the meat and grind my own hamburger. After some time, he started to come around. Now he eats my homemade tacos, pork chops, whatever I make he will eat now. It is so nice not having to fight at mealtime, or to make a special meal.


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I agree with Stephy.  What's wrong with the kid just wanting to eat veggies?  Why are parents forcing meat on their children like its wrong to not eat meat or something?  I also agree kids will not starve themselves haha.  If they are hungry, they will eat.  I wonder how is the child doing now with meat.

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We have a lot of vegetarian children at our nursery and I have to say they are just as healthy if not more so than their meat eating peers. Why struggle to get a child to eat meat? they don't need it if they are getting all the nutrients they need from other sources. Sometimes it seems we really push our children to conform to our own ideas when they are people in their own right with their own preferences. You could have your child checked out by the doctor and if there are no health problems, then let them be. The doctor could also give some advice on vegetarian diets.