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Food for a one-year-old?

What are the most important foods for a one-year-old? Just a sanity check!

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I know that at one it is really important to keep out the sugary and junk foody stuff.  Because they can so easily develope an affinity to these that will hinder them from developing tastes for more healthy foods.  With my two boys I tried to stick to lots of variety with fruits and veggies and whole grains, not a lot of processed sugars.  (100% fruit juices)I also know that they need quite alot of calcium at this age, the equivalent of 3 eight oz. glasses of milk.  My boys didn't always drink that much milk, but I also served them yogurt, (esp. for dipping their fruits and veggies.) and looked for cheeses and crackers that were high in calcium. I was reading about eggs recently, and discovered they provide protien along with many important vitamins and scrambled up are a huge hit with my once one year olds.

Protiens and fats are also very important for growing bodies and brains.  Peanut butter in moderation it is now recommended (because of the prevalence of pb allergies)  Fats particularly omega 3's found in some oils, and tuna, are helpful in building brains, and our pediatrician recommends whole milk at this age (but this is a subject debated by many)

I believe it is important to remember to keep introducing new things even if they seem not to like them at first.  I read somewhere it takes sometimes as many as 15 trys before a child will form a "like" for some foods.

I am not an expert, but have two boys of my own who are not picky eaters, eat a lot and seem to understand the difference between treats and healthy foods, so I guess thats a good start for them.

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