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Where can You Find Balance??

I am a mom of three teens. I work two jobs and own my own business form home as well... they are all great and work together well. my day job stops be fore supper and my business picks up afterwards,,,,,the 2nd job is on weekends and it works around my family too.....

My problem is  me time....would 2 times a month to pamper myself seem like a bad idea to reduce stress?

 I know it woun't last forever, becasue my business is growing... but any advice would be great!




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If you are juggling this schedule in order to be with your family BRAVO! You deserve twice a month to pamper or get away alone with friends and such. It will actually give you something to look forward to and if you are happier then everyone is happier. Make some plans and then do it!! You deserve it!

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Hi Lynn,

You are doing such a great job..3 jobs plus running a house with three teenagers is not easy!!
I would have a bit more pampering if I was you.