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Question for Parents - what do you think of video games?

Do you play any games? How about your kids? I would love for you to take my survey about what you think of video games. It should only take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Thanks so much for your input! Please email me at to receive the survey link.

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"What do you think of video games" is a pretty broad topic. It depends on the age, definitely the type of game, the amount of time played, when do they play it (is homework and chores done) and does someone play with them?
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Video games Boooooo! brb I gotta check my farmville...
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No really, think about the audience you are asking. My question; what do you think about phyical activity and sunlight?
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It would definetly depends on one's age but it should be played not more than 30 minutes because outdoor games should be preferred over indoor as they keep your child more fitter.
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I'm a proponent of video games. Like everything though, they must be played in moderation and parents need to be responsible for monitoring what their kids play and whether or not they are the right age to play a game. That's what the ESRB is for. Use it.
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I think that they are fine if they are age appropriate and are limited. It's easy for kids to play them all day long and waste their lives.
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But my son is addicted to games, I don't want him to play so much, I want to block games on our computer now.
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It depends on what type of games they are and what the age restriction is. The are so many different types of games and a lot of them can be beneficial toward your child. When your child does not sport, but you would like him to partake in such an exercise, why not let him play sport on something like Wii or PlayStation 3. He will still get exercise and he won't be forced to do the outdoor sporting events. I would much rather my child play video games, safely in our home, than him/her be outside doing all the wrong things. But in the end, I will still make sure that he/she makes enough friends and still stays social and enjoy the outdoors as often as they can.
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video games can be very goal ,provided the parents help to do the proper monitoring of the child.Don't allow your child to do too much video games. Also, you should be mindful of the type of game your child plays because some games are not so good morally.
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they are ok if they are monitored and have a time limit to play. i wouldnt want my child playing daily and for hours straight.