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children who don't feel comfortable with a teacher

My daughter Brianna is in third grade now, and up until this year has always been enthusiastic about going to school and learning. It is just the beginning of the new school year and already Brianna is voicing she does not feel comfortable with her teacher and does not want to go to school.I have had twoconferences with the principal and the teacher and she still does not want to go to school , I have now requested that my daughter be transferred to one of the other 5 third grade classes but I am finding I am getting resistance in this matter.please advise.

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I kind of agree about teaching her to deal with different kinds of people. Unless it's real serious, and you didn't mention what she complains about. Does she now have a male teacher and she had females teachers before? It does seem a bit unusual to me that she is as uncomfortable as you say. What happens at the conferences when you speak with the principal and the teacher? Need more information....

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when i was in school i also faced such problems.
since the school was over-disciplined so i could not adjust in the school environment. and hence developed a phobia against that school.
my dad immediately diagnosed the problem and then got me admitted in a new and better school. and was totally comfortable there.
i guess your kid also needs such step as she has developed a phobia against that teacher.

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I can say that you should find another that would make your daughter comfortable.if your child is not comfortable with her teacher, it will affect the child making it hard for her to deal with the lessons.


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Yes I totally agree with c17ross07, You should change it or try to talk to school if they can make any arrangement of new female teacher with the lovable behavior.. who can also take some extra activities with children to make them comfortable at school environment. Extra activities are really very important for small babies.
And first of all try to talk to your little girl what problem she actually has this will help you to understand problem and may be after talking she can adjust herself on school. Thanks