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What do you think about the new Twiligt movie New Moon?

The new Twilight movie will be in theaters in a month and I am feeling kind of skeptical over its impact on kids. I came across a video where the main guy in the movie is interviewed and some experts are making comments on the movie's appropriateness to kids.
Here is the link:
The video made me realize how kids are going crazy about it and I started questioning if it's a healthy thing. I want to know what you guys think about this movie. Do you think it's totally appropriate for kids? What do you think should be the minimum age for a kid to watch Twilight? Please, help me on this and share what you think. Thank you all.

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Not sure how to answer that. My 11 year old is obsessed with the book series, along with 5 of my 7 sisters. I have not read the books,(I only read if I'm gonna learn something) but I have seen the Twilight movie, and didn't really think it was that bad. I appreciate these books because they're getting kids to read. \
I didn't really think the movie was that bad. You really have to think about what kids are exposed to on a daily basis, and this, for me is low on the richter scale. I'd rather my daughter watch this then the news, where they see and hear about 2 year olds getting shot, and teachers, molesting their students, and other crazy happenings in their own community. Even some of the shows on the Disney channel those kids have no respect for adults, and are just know it alls, with big attitudes (they are a bad influence in my opinion).
With all the bad things in the world right now, I don't see how this can be an unhealthy addiction. In my eyes it could be worse. But that's just my opinion, my sister in law would tell you to just ban your children from any and all media. My philosophy is everything in moderation.
I would maybe make my kid read the book before taking them to the movie though, cause if they don't understand the book then maybe their too young for the movie. My 8 year old has no interest in the movie's what so ever.

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Can't resist the opportunity to comment on the Twilight series!

I loved the series- and the two movies that have come out so far- to the point of distraction. They seem to appeal to girls and women of all ages. I've read the series twice, and I never read romance novels or anything even remotely like this. Needless to say, it is an interesting phenomenon.

But, I have to say that I have very mixed feelings about the messages the books/movies send to young women.

Throughout the series Edward watches Bella sleep, follows her, forges her signature, threatens suicide, drives erratically when angry, listens in on her friends' thoughts (he has special powers) so that he can know what she is thinking of him and what she is doing at all times, instructs his sister to spy on Bella, and even kidnap Bella for a "sleep over" when he is out of town, b/c he fears she will be hanging out with a male friend (who is also a werewolf), and also dismantles her car engine so that she cannot visit the werewolf friend.

In the second book/movie, when Edward leaves Bella "for her own good", she goes into a 4 or 5 month long depression where she is catatonic. She snaps out of it for two reasons: 1) she starts hanging out with an old friend, Jacob, who is madly in love with her; and 2) she discovers that by doing reckless things (jumping off cliffs, riding motorcycles) she can hear Edward's voice very vividly in her head.

Back to the generalities- the pair also spend every single night together, though there is no sex until marriage. When they do get married and have sex, she is "covered" in bruises (which are described in detail) b/c Edward unintentionally harmed her during the sex act. She is perfectly ok with this. She ends up getting knocked up (at 18) with a hybrid human/vampire that nearly kills her (this is also very grotesque and graphic, with Edward perfoming an impromptu C-section).

Bella has virtually no other friends, and doesn't care about going to college, or cutting off all contact with her parents, as long as she can become a vampire.

The implications of this stuff didn't really occur to me until after I was finished reading the books. Somehow, it doesn't seem that bad when you are actually reading them. For me, this was probably b/c it was such a fantasy...

Bella and Edward are inherently unequal b/c one is a super-natural being and the other is human. They also inhabit a super-natural world,where vampies and werewolves exist (although that world supposedly IS our world in the books of course). This gives Edward license to treat Bella like a bit of an idiot and to protect her. It also becomes clear later that she was pretty much born to become a vampire. So it is sorta sci-fi.

I would worry about the possibility that some girls would forget that this IS fantasy, or would otherwise try to emulate what they see/read, or relate it to the real world.

If a regular guy acted like Edward does in the books, it would be alarming to the point that most people would take out restraining orders. It is also not healthy to spend every minute with someone, or to feel like you should kill yourself if they leave you. I also wouldn't want for any girl to think that an obsessive, controlling guy (even controlling "for your own good" or "so you don't get hurt" as Edward is) is romantic or desirable. I think a lot of girls are initially "flattered" when a boy tries to control them or is possessive/jealous. It is a lot of attention and some take it as evidence of how much the guy cares.

Stephenie Meyer is no Shakespeare, but I suppose you could use some of these same arguments with Romeo & Juliet- especially the suicide thing...

Just instill in your kids that Bella and Edward, though very romantic in a sci-fi sort of way, do not have a normal or healthy relationship.

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Very, very interesting and informative, Sister83!

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Thanks, I love talking about Twilight!

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Thanks for that insight!!! Wow :) I never understood the Twilight series, I just don't think anybody should be looking up to these characters.

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Yeah, I think the characters have some positive qualities, but I don't think they are good role models for kids/teens. I definitely don't think their relationship is healthy.

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I was so disappointing with this movie. I thought it would be better than previous but the storyline is just seem to be dead in my opinion..

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I have seen this and it was Awesome! movie