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6 yr olds shouldn't be watching horror films

I have a friend that lets her 6yr old son watch very bad horror films,and I feel she needs to be warned of the effects what do I do????????

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I agree that at the age of 6 a child should not be exposed to certain films, books, games and etc. The child's ability to process and understanding what is in front of them is more difficult than it would be for an adult.  There are many positive things to expose a 6 year old to that would reap more benefits such as sports, theatre, mystery books and the list can go on and on.
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This young child will not develop progressively. He is being grounded by fictional, non-reality life and he also will not rest properly throughout the night. Some parents dont understand that what we as adult are capable of handling our children aren't, and ignorantly think that the child will eventually be exposed to negativity anyway but they are not mentally prepared. Explain to your friend that she's doing more harm than good.


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Thank you I feel the same way.I don't care if they think the child knows its fake or not,its just absolutely wrong.A child that young doesnt have the mental ability to determine that.Our children are growing up so fast,and I can't quite figure out why some parents want to be ignorant,and speed up the process..Thank you though I wanted to make sure it wasnt just me.


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dear hl6308, i think you  shouldn,t worry unless the child is very scared or it does it by it self. unless she,s  mentaly trying toscare the child.

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If they are a real friend, they should be able to handle honesty. I would wait until the right time and then bring it up gently.

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I'm going to say this...I am in favor of horror movies for kids...OLD horror movies, black and whites, no ratings, rubber monsters and no blood after gunshots.

From the time I was 3 to the time I was 10, we had 3, count 'em THREE horror movies in our whole movie collection, 1958's The Blob, and 1959's The Bat and House on Haunted Hill, all personal favorites of mine, and all of which I would gladly recommend to anybody who prefers the older movies and a more general touch of horror instead of what passes for horrorifying entertainment today. Then when I was 10 my brother got the original 1968 "Night of the Living Dead", freaked me out but I loved it, but by that time I knew the difference in movies and reality.

I say if you're going to let your kids watch these newer gorier movies, save it for when they're teenagers and can handle it for sure.

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well try to talk with her about how bad it is to watch bad horror films.It could work she could listen to you and use your idea or maybe she want.Just go for if she dosen't do it just leave keep talking and maybe she will listen the last time.DO IT!

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there are ratings on movies for a reason!

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No child under the age of 12 should be able to watch horror films. PG-13 is sort of ok as long as it has no sexual content or cursing, but no Rated R movies.