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Ww have been trying for 3 years with no baby I tryed diffrent thing with no help

anyone have a baby with pcos

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Im sorry, could you explain this more specifically?  Are you trying to concieive a child or does your baby have a problem? I am not familiar with pcos. Thank you.

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I wish I had been diagnosed a lot earlier...I was disgnosed with PCOS in my late 30;s still trying...would like support with this too. Please let me know ..donnaj

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I wish you all the luck in trying to conceive MarchRose. Did you try having the cycst removed in theatre

Hi!I have been also trying to conceive for
the past three years. I just recently found out i have a severe case of endometriosis. If there is anyone that has the same problem and is on treatment pls let me know.

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I know that it is possible. Good luck

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My son is 5, I have been trying off and on since he was 6 weeks. I believe I have PCOS-never been diagnosed due to insurance issues. I am praying for you. I know it can happen. Keep the faith!