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Teen son is adamant about trying to cover his lies even when we know for a fact that he is lying

Our 15 yr old son has a bad habit of lying. Even with the littlest issues. The problem here is, he is very adamant that he's not lying and gets SO angry (almost to the point of being violent) when he is caught. Even when we have proof,he refuses to admit that he lied, and even tries to redirect the blame/problem..either by blaming us for how we are accusing him,or doing all he can to re-word his original lie to make it seem more truthful. He often has outbirsts of anger,laughs in my face and usually ends up stomping out the door screaming and slamming things around. He is doing this in front of my three other children too and I'm concerned that his behavior,not the lies,are influencing them.
He has also been known to lie to people from our church about his "poor me" and aparently tried to make us look bad.
He is adopted and we really dont have much information about his past.
I have read most of the posts here about lying children/teens and I have learned a few things that I can do to help myself remain sain, but I dont know what to do with this boy. How should I punish him and keep him from having a bad influence on the rest of the kids?

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Did he have a significant trauma when he was about 5? I think you need to take him to a psychiatrist, even if you have seen one before.

Let him know that you would take any of your children to a doctor for help if they were having trouble. That if he had scoliosis you'd be seeing an orthopedic doctor, if he had skin problems you'd be seeing a dermatologist.