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Not Quite a Stepmom

I have been dating a divorced dad for about a year and a half. He has 13 year old twins and a 15 year old all girls. I am generally a very happy person.  Lately I have been getting frustrated more quickly than usual.  The girls question requests when asked to help, complain, seem ungrateful, unappreciative and lazy (few that felt good).  I understand this is how I probably was when I was a teenager.  I understand I do not have the same feelings as a parent does when it comes to not wanting your children to be hurt or sad.  It is easier for me to spot when they are taking advantage of their dad. I just want to step in and be like "Hay can you not hear him ask you to get off the computer like 5 times" and go up there and rip the keyboard out.  I think I am done holding back my comments as I have in the past and it is coming out in actions of stoming around after work and venting to my boyfriend at night...that is not who I want to be. I have started talking to the girls and trying to spend more quality one on one time with them.  I am not sure if this will help.  Any suggestions? I am feeling unlike my normal self.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

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