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cindy williams

marriega problems cause by my stepsons.

well am 27 year old my husband is 41 year he was merried for 13 year with his exwife we have been together for 5 year he has two boys a 19y and 15 we have a 4 year old girl together the boys live with us there were with there mom but she couln't paid the house bill and utilities and lost the house my husband decided to get the boys custody they been living with us seen we gat married,at firts everything was good i wold ask them to do something like clean your rooms trash out and they would do it but now the 19 y just wants to do what ever he wants come home went he wants 2,3,4 am ,live the door unlock come in out went he feel like it with out letting us know day or nigthtime and about 1year ago we find out he was using mariguana he would smoke outside but it gat to a point the he would smoke inside the house we would come back from work the the house would smell his dad gat really mad and would get on to him but his sons don'st have any respect for noboby he talks back to him and said he is sorry,1 or 2 day goby and he would do it againg i had to get our daughter a bed in our room because i was afraid he would do something to her and he also come home drunk, he dosent help do anything at home the 15 year old boy is use do get everything he wants,and if his dad said no he goes crazy and mad he keep ask the some question allover and over all time until his dad said yes he never ask permision for anything he tell us what he want ,am going to stay at my friends house ,i need money ,i need a new phone, i have ask him many time not to play ball inside the house the ball is to play outside he still troll the ball in side i had to put my picture frames in a box before he brakes another one and before my girl cuts her self our four year old see all of these it make me sad, if she plays with toys she need to clean them up before she does something else she clear after her sefl if he want something to eat she help me make it and the other two dont just ask want for dinner? the 15 year old make my girl mad,sometime take toy way, make fun of her make her cry all the time that i have to take her to my room and keep there all the time his dad tell him to stop but dosent stop... there are so many litter things that just dont want think if something bigger happends his not going to do anything, is just too much for me and am afraid that my daughter will star acting like them she is growing up around all this and is not good for her,I love my husband very much but he really needs to put a stop because i cant take it anymore am dont want to come home and am always mad because is always the samethings i prefer to be at work or somewhere else this is depressing me and i dont think is good for me and my daughter .....

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I feel your pain!! I feel like my stepson has my life/marriage in his manipulating hands....I'm at my limit and am in failing health due to the stress he causes

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I know the feeling all to well. Its one of those things "if I knew then what i know now" would I have still done it? Im preg (high risk) and the stress is taken a toll on me and my unborn. good luck