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jealous ex and stepdaughter

My husband and I have been married for about 1 yr ever since the marriage his now14 y/o dtr hates me due to the fact that her mother is a bitter person.  I have reassured her that I would never come in between her dad and her but the problems keep getting bigger. His ex and my ex got together and has caused us misery!! I would understand if we left our spouses for each other but that is not the case..They both left us. My husband's ex is nothing but a liar. They had been divorced for 4 yrs, she left him because she cheated on him numerous times. That was her 3rd marriage. She does nothing but use men and is not a good mother at all. My stepdaughter's my space is filthy!!! My husband had the children also 7y/o dtr half the time and he did not pay child support but he provided health insurance,. He is responsible loving man that has been totally betrayed by the lies of his 14 y/o. It was so bad that we decided to move he nows pay child support and he of course wants to take care of his children but his 14 y/0 has called and left nasty messages on our phones, has called me every name in the book and it is worse than ever,  He has poured his heart out to her and all she knows to do is strive on conflict. Her mother lets her go to parties where drinking is involoved, she has already snuk out of the house and she is doing nothing but rebelling. Christmas is coming up and we are going to visit but my husband  does not want her around during the holidays because all she does is start conflict. His mother is torn apart. I told my husband that I would be fine with her coming and I will be as pleasant and enjoy every bit of it I just know to keep my gaurd up. I don;t understand how she has accepted the man that was having the affair on her dad and he has provided them a place to live ever since their divorce but is acting so horrible towards her father? I am committed to my husband as well as his children but when you have an ex that is so evil you get to the point that you don't know what else to do. Any advice?

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I owuld just try to spend time with her and slowly become her friend. Like Martii said It's probably tough on her to see her dad remarried. She probably thinks your like "The other woman" or whatever.