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Can't cope with 21 year old stepdaughter

I don't know what to do. I recently bought a brand new house. My boyfriend and his two daughters moved in.

The younger one (18) isn't too bad and we get on 90% of the time.
The older one recently moved in. I can't cope with her at all. I have tried talking to my boyfriend but he is preferring to stick his head in the sand and ignoring all my requests to sort something out. His response is "Go to see the doctor for some antidepressants".

This girl, despite being 21 and in full time work behaves like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka. She is vile. I can go into more detail if anybody wants it but I am sure you can imagine what a little princess this girl is.

Please, any coping strategies or advice gratefully received.


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It's not really clear from your post what the problem is... is she disrespectful or just annoying, or what?

In any event, a 21 year-old is a woman, not a child. Do not tolerate any disrespect from this woman in YOUR home.

In fact, since she is working full-time, she should have her own place. At a minimum, she should pay a nominal rent and do some cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and other household chores.

If you are ok with letting her stay with you, the best advice I can give is to just try to stay out of each other's way. If you are at your breaking point, she needs to get her own place.

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I find it interesting how you opened your comment saying "YOU just bought a house" ~ so I hear the house is YOUR house? and those other 3 people are just in there, because you are allowing it! Yes?

So, if you are feeling your boyfriend is ignoring you and your concerns, I say, scoot them out of the house ~ and remember, it is YOUR house. And, the 21 yr old could always go live with HER mother, you do not need her stress. And, if your boyfriend keeps ignoring you, tell him to pack it and get OUT.