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Bringing two families together

I need help. I was a single mother of my son and dated a long time friend. We moved very fast and within 5 months we are now living together. He has two children boy who is 7 and a girl who is 3. They are not biologically his but adopted them from a mother who was into drugs and they have no communication with their mother. Now my problem is his kids are very mean to my son and I cant stand it! Ive talked to my boyfriend about this before and now that im sick of it he wants to work on it. Things have not changed in the past. My son is a very emotional and loving 4 yr old.  And I feel hes getting the grunt of everything. Im now a month pregnant and not sure if I can handle the home situation.. Please Help!!!

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I don't think I could live in that situation where my son was being treated meanly, pregnant or not. How would I know they wouldn't treat the baby the same way? Definitely get some counseling so you can make some informed decisions.