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weight gain

i am currently in my 25th week of my third child. with the other 2 I gain about 20 lbs total, losing it right after birth. this one is so different then the other two I lost 10 lbs in first tri and I have only gain back about 1 or 2 lbs. is this normal????

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Do you have a physician or midwife?

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Physician she is new to me my old doc moved
she isn't worried. i was about 15 lbs overweight before pregnancy.

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Since you were a little overweight and the doctor is not worried, you should be fine. My daughter-in-law was about that overweight, lost and only gained 10 total lbs. The baby was full term, a healthy 6.5 lbs and is now 8 wks, 13.5 lbs, my d-i-l is back to her normal weight and looks great!