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Keep your house clean!

Especially when pregnant, it's essential to keep your house free of germs.

I would like to recommend a product that is safe for families and works GREAT.

From their website :

My home has a variety of surfaces: wood, tiles, carpeting, etc.; they all have their own unique properties. Of all the surfaces, the most difficult to clean is definitely stone. Some stone is decorative or in use; some is foot trafficked, some isn’t. It wasn’t easy to clean any of those. It wasn’t until I started using the Fuller Brush Company’s Original Collection Stone Cleaner, that I realized that it didn’t need to be such a hassle. With a unique lotion formulation for easy application and generations of experience cleaning American homes backing it, the Fuller Brush Co. Stone Cleaner solution provided a clear help with my home’s stone surface cleaning puzzle.
I’m working with the Fuller Brush Company to get the word out about generations of cleaning solutions.

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Actually, unless you have a bad immune system, germs are OK. Your skin keeps germs out, your stomach acid kills germs, and your immune system attacks germs. If you will keep your hands away from your face, most germs won't have a chance with you. Which is a good thing, because you can't keep your house 'germ-free.' During the cold and flu season, I wipe down the doorknobs, switch plates, phones, keyboards, and door frames with a mild chlorine bleach solution (1 tablespoon in a gallon of water). Generic or brand name, whatever. Just when the spirit moves me. You only need a floor that's clean enough to eat off of if somebody is eating off of the floor. I wouldn't encourage it, because as soon as you walk on your germ-free floor, it has about a kajillion germs on it. Shoes, socks, barefoot, still a kajillion germs. If you have a dog, it's a kajillion and four germs.
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Once the baby is born, don't let lots of people hold her or him. Especially people with colds, because RSV can kill babies, and for grown-ups, RSV is just a cold. Use common sense. When your baby starts crawling, you will have to mop and vacuum every day or two. Or, you can get a big blanket and put it on the carpet for baby to crawl on.
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I'm lucky I have my wife to clean our house. :D