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What bothers you most about Sp. Ed. teachers

I am a Sp. Ed. teacher in the central valley of CA.  I have been teaching for eight years, but I'm always looking for ways to improve teacher/parent relations.  So, if you don't mind, would the parents here be willing to tell me what bothers them most about Sp. Ed. teachers?

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we live in maryland and I am not impressed with my son's present teachers because they do not communicate any meaningful suggestions to support or further his progress.  I have tried to make up home made activities to address his IEPs and I am not sure that this is the right thing to do.  These teachers do not communicate with us except for when they have to like when IEPs are due.

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Dear teacher,

What bothers parents the most for sp.needs is the worry that is their child going to have the same kind of future that normal children have . Will there be a change in his or her behaviour or will they be a secure personality in the near years ahead.

Thanks for asking.


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I am both a special ed teacher and the parent of a child with AS. AS a parent, I wish the teachers would put more stock in what I have to say. As a special ed teacher I know that it is hard to discern if the parents have 'wishful thinking' or if they really know their child. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt because they know their kid better than anyone.

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What bothers me is that I never know whats going on! I want to be involved or at least notified of my childs projects.

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For the most part they beleieve that they are more expert in the topic than the parents of the children, simply because they might have taken a few outdated courses or read a few books. We, the parents live it everyday, and our experience is current. I do not like having my concerns or suggestions brushed away. I don't appreciate when the sp ed teacher may only make 1 visit to my son in his classroom per month and feel as though they understand fully how he learns etc.

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When my child's special ed teachers say, "I don't know what to with her!"  This irritates me because she is one of about 100,000 students; she can't be the only one with ADHD, learning difficulties, frustration and confusion. The teachers leave it up to us to find them answers, and they just ignore her, keep marking that she is making progress and refuse to adjust her goals.


The ones that actually help get shuffled aside by the counselor who thinks she is the all know!

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Too many negative comments, (parents usually already know about their childrens behaviour problems) Let's try to focus on the positive!!!!

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I agee with you all.  We the parents do know our kids.  And I feel the same that the teacher never takes my input serious.  Also the communication is not there either. Why is it wrong to want to be involved and help out all we can.  I mean, I am willing to help out the teacher too. What-ever it takes.  It should be a TEAM.

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I have 2 children with special needs and they are now teenagers.  I am tired of having problems at the beginning of every school year with the implementation of their IEP's.  I am tired of hearing excuses of why the school can't do something.  Also, the expectation of the special ed teachers that my children can communicate what they did at school today and that I have the time and money to go out and buy what they need in school for the very next day.  We live 20 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart!  The school only sees them for 7 hours a day ... the other 17 hours they are at home.  Barb

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I am a special need child because I have one hand and I have a brain injury. It is really hard for me sometimes to pay attention.