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Hey everyone, I am looking to find a good tutor for my child.. she is 7 years old and needs to improve her math skills... there are so many companies on the internet today: sylvan, tutornation, tutorteach,, A+ tutors, omega tutors, which one should I choose does anyone have any experiance?'s picture

I will try her teacher first and see what she suggests.

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Is there a certain part of math that is giving your child difficulties?  Many of the tutoring programs are very expensive and want you to comit to a length of time. I agree that checking with the child's teacher should be the first step. Find out exactly what needs to be worked on. She should also be able to give you many ideas on how to help at home. As a teacher of 26 years in primary grades, I would also be willing to give suggestions.  Edith

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Being a teacher for this age group I would recommend talking to her teacher to see if she knows of anyone.  I know at our school most of the teachers tutor.  If you live in lower Michigan I know of a couple of teachers that specialize in math.

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Hi!  I am a teacher, and I would say that you should save your money and not go to Sylvan, etc!  At 7 years old, your daughter needs to learn those darn math facts above all!  You can do this by creating fun activities to do together (ie make fun flash cards, play games that use dice, etc.)  The key is to make it FUN!  If you prefer a tutor, ask a friend or family member that your daughter enjoys being with.  Sometimes children respond better with someone besides a parent.  I applaud you for wanting help for your child in the early years and not waiting until she is 13 and math is much more difficult!


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I have tutored kids of all ages in math for 22 years.   The following are questions I always ask:

  Did school recommend that she needs help or are you sensing it?  If school, are they recommending she be tested by a professional to rule out any learning disabilities?

  If you just sense she needs help, ask other mothers to see who they would recommend.   Word of mouth is best bet, and hopefully you find a  former teacher that understands and knows your schools curriculum.

 I can't stress how important math facts should know them without even thinking about it...put up posters in her room of age appropriate math concepts. There are many wonderful math games on the computer that you can use as a reward.   Talk about math in all situations at the   grocery store,   while baking, playing outside with chalk.etc.   Kids love dry erase boards to play school.   Girls especially love markers and colors..anything to make it come alive. 

Great websites to know what age appropriate materials to use.  Go  to a  teacher store and see what they suggest.   The possibilities are endless and amazing!!

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I have been tutoring in math and other subjects fo 3 years.  Questions to ask:

  • First contact the teacher to find where you child is having difficulty.
  • You can play games and go over the basics and bring her up to her level and beyond.
  • There are many websites and software programs to help your child.

Yvonne in Maryland


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I have found great success with my boys early math learning utilizing a book of math games written by Peggy Kaye call "Games for Math."  She teaches math concepts with simple household items for kids K to 3rd grade.  She also has "Games for Learning" and "Games for Reading" that are also very good.  You would be surprised how well of a tutor that you could be for your daughter with Peggy Kaye's simple instructions and games!

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When my son was 7 years old he needed help with maths so I went on A+ Tutors and now he is 14 and he is brillient in maths he is the top of his class he is in year 9 now! my Daughter because I tutored her when she was in year one she is now 11 in year 6 and she is great at maths do u now know which one to pick.A tip if you have a child in year 1 or 2 or 3 to tutor them in all subjects and they will become great students when they grown up and then all the parents will come rushing up to you asking how ur child is so brilliant cause thats what they did to me. 

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My son was having problems in second grade which lead us to a company by the name of Kumon.  It was very reasonably priced and their theory of subject mastery enforced basic math skills that today still help my son succed in his math classes.  He did not like it at first but learned to enjoy the sessions.

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concerned mom


Is your son diagnosed w/ any kind of disability, or did he just need a little extra help in math?  I ask b/c my son has a disability (processing, word finding, focus, memory), and I've heard really good things about the Kumon program.  Basically what I'm asking is, will Kumon also benefit a child w/ a disability, or is it best that I seek out a program geared solely torwards special needs?  I hope you receive this, and that you can help answer my question.  Thanks very much.

Sincerely, concerned mom