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Does anyone know why there is a one year time frame between testings? I would imagine taking the same test twice in a few months would skew the validity..but I'm not sure. Does anyone know why that particular time frame is adhered too?

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Are you talking about standardized tests or something else?

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concerned mom

I thought it was every 3 yrs for progress testing in spec ed, but we're new to the process, so I can't say for sure. That's a good question, though. Standardized testing I think is mandatory once a yr in public school. Why? For school purposes to determine where they stand as far as state average goes. Each state may be different, however. I'd love to hear more info on this topic if anyone else knows anything about it.

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Yes there should be a 3 year gap in between tests.But make sure the tests especially IQ tests are appropriate to your child. My child is diagnosed with a severe langusge disorder with autistic traits. They gave him the welshner iq test which is ridiculous as he is non verbal there for he rated as intellectually disabled. And believe me my son is not. I am now not releasing that report and demanding a ravens test.
They can not perform the same test unless enough time has passed.