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Hi my name is Melissa. I am currently studying to become a teacher. One of the requirements is a class that includes information for future teaches on how to accommodate all students, including children with disabilities. I am a parent myself, and have some experience with the IEP/IFSP process, because my preschooler has had a speech delay. I was wondering if there is any parents out there that would like to share their story. What has been yours and your child's experience in and with the schools? Has the experience been positive? Thank you for reading and I hope you share your experience.

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Hi Melissa,

My son (5 1/2) has a developmental delay. He's been attending a spec ed program since he was 3. At 4 yrs old, we tried our son in pre-k 4 in our public school. He had a hard time in a regular class w/out any special accommodations. He's currently in a trans-k program, and he's going well. We're considering public school again this fall, only if our son's given the accommodations he needs. If he's pulled out for the core classes, and he has an aide assisting him throughout the day, I think he'll be ok. The decision is a scary one, however, b/c it's hard not feeling like we're throwing him to the wolves. I also have a difficult time dealing w/ the social aspect of him being in public school. Some kids (and parents too) can be so cruel. I want so much to protect my son from all that, but I know I can't shelter him forever. W/ the right help, our son does well, and we're hopeful that he'll continue to progress in the public school. I wish you all the best w/ your class and your future career as a teacher.