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Parent of special needs young adult

Hi. My name is Laura. I have a special needs son.(CP, ADHD) graduating high school this year. (Mom is still choking up...where did my baby go?)....lol. I am a single mom and desperately in search of some type of day program that I can enroll him in. I have to work and he doesn't need to sit home watching television all day. He needs to continue with his life skill training, job training, and education. A group home is not an option for me because I want him home with me. So, I'm looking for something that I can enroll him in during the day. I live in MS but I am willing to move if need be. If anyone has a listing or advice or something (anything) that I can begin my search I would forever thank you. I have searched for places but I guess I have not looked in the right places. Needing to get busy with this.....my baby is graduating in May. Okay, there goes another tear.....lol.

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We live in Florida and have a special needs daughter.
My wife signed up for something called Medicaid Waiver. It took about 6 years to get approved but it entitles us to a respite care provider 13 hours a week.
Mary will graduate this December when she turns 22 and under the M. Waiver we are supposed to be able to place Mary in a Home/ Work facility for the day or have a person come every day and take her out in the community. We are thinking of having someone take her out during the day. The home I saw was very overcrowded.
Don't know if you have this program in MS.

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Skillfuls Squad...

Hi Laura, try going to www.wrightslaw.com and click on yellow pages for kids. You will find many agencies in MS that will be able to help you. I took a quick scroll and found
Cerebral Palsy Foundation of Mississippi, Inc.
P.O. Box 16924
Jackson, MS 39236-6924
(601) 853-1961; (888) 852-1961 (toll free)
Email: cpfofms@aol.com
Web: www.cpfofms.org

They should be able to steer you in the right direction. I hope this will help you and I applaud your dedication to finding the right program for your son. I provide parent training services in New York and often hear from parents how difficult it is finding appropriate/educational programs after high school. Best of luck to you and your son.

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Hi I'm new to this it's taken me this long to find other folks like me ,,,lol my name is patty,I'm 45 my son has autism and 22 , I've been trying to find an affordable day care for him, and affordable is the key word,,as I've been out of work for 4 years, he is smart but he is like a 9 year old boy in a big body and stress brings on major melt downs,, I just want him to have some friends, cp of Florida has a class for him but the price would wipe out his trust fund to soon , I want his trust fund $ to last , what I'm saying I'm lost on where to go for help and I'm not putting my son in a home, I just want a few hours a day for him to be with other kids like him

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Ariels Mom
I feel so guilty all the time for needing help and support with my 21 year old daughter with CP. She is cognitively affected as well as physically impaired. I feel as though I'm in a prison in my own house. I am imprisoned by my daughter's disability and to a certain extent her disregard for me as her mom and as a human being.
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I know this is such a hard thing. My mom passed away when I was young and I live closest to my older brother with autism so i am his care taker. He has a social worker who helps plug him into the community but a job has saved him. I know local grocers, libraries, or janitorial positions are great. Something easy with routine. Many businesses are special needs friendly. My brother works as a janitor at a local university. I know it sounds awful to the average Joe but he loves it. He meets ppl and feels he has a purpose. Having a job makes him feel like everyone else and gets him out of the house. He just needs to be in the right place with positive ppl who are willing to accept a person who thinks differently.