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Learning disabilities

Can anybody help me with find out where to get tested for Learning disabilities, I am trying to get my GED and am having trouble, I was test as a kid in the 70's and whould like to be tested agin.

Thanks for all y'alls help.
Anna M. Arthur

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Hello Anna,
My name is Hugo and my son has a learning disability. I'm not sure where you live but The Orange County Learning Disability Association may be able to point you in the right direction for your quest.
P.O. BOX 25772
Santa Ana, CA. 92799-5772
Contact Joyce Riley at (949) 646-0133
I'm sorry I don't have an Email address for them. Good luck!

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Hello Anna, Please give the EasyPhonics™ program a try ( it’s FREE for now). It may well help your child will overcome his learning disabilities. Hope this helps! Good Luck! Tirtza
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I suggest you collect updated GED Tutorials from YouTube, Google Video, etc. I found some great resources on GED Video Tutorials that way– gedvideo .com , gedvideos . org . Google ‘GED Video Tutorials Reviews’ and I am sure you will find some great ones! Good Luck
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As an adult to get diagnosed typically going to a psychiatrist is the first step because they can diagnose or refer to diagnose. You might think you are dyslexic but that could be just one factor. Many disabilities are combination of multiple ones. I was diagnosed as an adult but it helped me to realize when my children were struggling.