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Hi everyone I am writing this on behalf of my friend connor gifford

Hey everyone, I am writing this message on behalf of my friend Connor Gifford. He is an amazing man who just happens to have down syndrome.

Connor is currently out on a mission to bring the American spirit back to the United States. His goal in life is to get people to believe once again in our future and remember what it means to be an American.

His first step in doing this is coming out with a book called America according to Connor Gifford. It is a book about our struggle as Americans over the last 400 years to break through the trials and tribulations we have had in the past, and come out the great nation we are today. Below is a message from Connor to everyone who believes in a future of hope.

"It is important that all Americans understand that what happened in the past really matters. I strongly believe that we need to know who we really are, and how we interpret America. We have to learn from our mistakes.

We need to look at where we are today because of the past. We have to have a memory of the last 300 years. We have to realize we have problems like global warming and war and we need to fix the problems so we can make our world a better place to live.

We should not go to war. We argue about stupid things...don't stop to realize that if we do the same thing over and over again, we may have WWIII on our hands! We need to listen better.

Don't be afraid to express who we really are. We are Americans."

if you would like to learn more about this amazing man than please check out his website at