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Grad Student looking for comments on Special Needs Education

Hello, I am a graduate student looking for some information on the effects of a child's disability on the family and collaboration between family and teachers. I would appreciate some comments on the biggest issues you face in relation to education and what you would like to see improve.

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concerned mom

I wld like to have more opportunities to observe my son in his school setting. I wld also like to get pointers from the teachers/therapists, so I can use the same techniques when working w/ my son at home. I'd like more feedback from the teachers/therapists on a daily basis, rather than only when there's a concern.
I'd like that the CST not be so rigid and budget conscious and put the needs of my child first.
I'd like not getting the run around when I make a request.
I'd like to be taken more seriously when I voice a concern.
These are just some of the frustrations we deal w/. Thank goodness for the support of family and friends. Sometimes it's tough trying to explain our son's disability to others b/c not everyone understands it or can relate to what we go through. I find comfort in talking to other parents of children w/ special needs and also communicating closely w/ our son's teachers and drs.