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Does having a child with special needs bring a family closer or put a strain on the family?

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am going to school to become a special education teacher. This week our assignment is to find our from parents how a child's disability can affect the family. If you are married can you tell a difference between the way youself and your spouse respond to your child? Also do you have any other children? Do they treat their sibling any different?
Also services in our area of rural Southern Illinois for students with special needs are sometimes hard to find. Do you feel that there are adequate services in your area?

I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at my post.
Thank you

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I am a parent of two with special needs. I myself have a disability. Not only am I mommy and happily married but I am also the Vice Chair for the SCUSD CAC (for special ed) Answer 1: Yes, because I am more involved. However, what I learn I pass to my husband and we work together. He is just as valuable as I am. Answer 2: Yes, I have two both with a disability. No, my kids treat each other as any other child would. I have brought them up to respect everyone because everyone has value. It may be hard at times but there are some tips that I use to help. Answer 3: Yes and No. Services are only as good as those who provide them and those who can afford them. Autism is in the works of being covered but still if it was fully covered it is still very expensive. Email me anytime with any other questions;