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Children With Disabilities

My name is Kalie McGinnis and I am taking a Students With Special Needs Class at Southeastern Illinois College. As part of our assignment, we are to post a few questions pertaining to children with disabilites. Please feel free to respond, I appreciate any information that you can share. Thank you.

What are a few of the major and minor effects a child's disability might have on the family?

How do teachers and parents work together to find what is best for the child?

How might a parents be able to help or encourage a child with a disability to retain or learn even when not at school?

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My daughter has NLD and Social Anxiety Disorder. She is now 25, graduated from high school 6/09 and entered college last month, where she is struggling with 2 basic classes. The most major effect is that family members and friends do not understand her disabilities. They expect her to act and react in ways she is not capable. She has always needed a lot of extra help and understanding. At 25, she is like a 17 y/o. Thankfully, she understands that she is delayed, does not want to have children for a long time and does not pressure herself nearly as much as when she was younger. Another negative effect is that in her search for acceptance she hooked up with a very negative b/f for 5 1/2 years which caused a lot of stress on our entire family.

It was very difficult to find teachers who understood her disabilities when she was in public school. Nearly all of them tried to pound this square peg into a round hole, which was terrible for her self esteem. She still thinks she is stupid and suffers from very low self esteem. We took her out of school at 15 because of many issues and successfully homeschooled for 10th and 11th grades. She then entered the local adult high school for a year and did much better there. The teachers then and recently were much more understanding and helped her a lot. Possibly teachers today would be better educated about her issues, but from what I read on these posts, maybe not.

Good luck with your education and your quest for understanding children with disabilities. Maybe you can make the difference for some of these children and their families. It is a daily struggle that does not end at adulthood. Understanding teachers make the struggle easier.

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I appreciate your help.