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Children with disabilities

I am a student at Southeastern Illinois College in Southern Illinois working towards my degree in Education. At this time I am taking a class on Special Education in Contemporary Society. For an upcoming assignment I am required to submit a paper concerning the issues families face when raising a child with disabilities (the effect the disability has on family members - parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc..., the collaboration between the family and their child's teachers, or any other information you would like to share). I promise to respect your thoughts and feelings and will not use real names in my final paper. I appreciate any information you are willing to share with me. Thank you!

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concerned mom

Hi Kritty,

As a parent of a child in spec ed, I can tell you it hasn't been easy. Not only is it a daily struggle, but when faced w/ questions and dilemas, things can become quite frustrating at times. On the other hand, there is something wonderful that comes out of having a child w/ special needs. All the support and hard work pays off as you see your child progress. It's a beautiful thing.
We're certainly thankful for all the support we receive from family and friends. Sometimes it's difficult to handle other people's reactions to our son's disability. However, we've come to accept that this is due to their lack of knowledge and understanding of his disability.
Our son's teachers have been very supportive and reassuring as well. There are times when we feel they don't take our concerns seriously enough when they tell us not to worry, he's young yet, and so forth. So it's hard not to be concerned.
Overall, we've seen our son progress, and we know what he is capable of. This gives us much hope for his future. We work closely w/ our son's teachers and therapists to stay on top of his work and his needs. We also rely on his drs for advice in helping us make decisions about school, special services and appropriate social activities for him. We've learned that w/ the right resources, our son is able to do well. We've also learned how important it is to speak up for your child's sake. If you don't, you may not get the same results.
I wish you all the best w/ your class and w/ your future career as a teacher.