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asperger teenage girls

Hi, I am new here. I have a high-functioning teenage daughter - 15 - I want to find a camp - maybe two weeks etc., that will teach her to become more independent. I don't want a camp that has too needy teens or behavioral problems etc - we are in NY area

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I have found in PA anyway that camps like that are hard to find. With a quick search, I founds these links :-) HTH



Binghamton NY

I searched- New York Aspergers Camps

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concerned mom

There's a camp called Harbor Haven where my friend sends her son. It's very expensive, but she says its worth it. Their focus is on social skills and some academics. Most of the kids there have mild learning disabilities; my friend's son is autistic. She found the camp on the autism now website. I believe it's in NJ (not sure where in NY you're from). Even if it's far, there are other camps listed on the website as well that may be closer to you. Hope this helps.