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Anyone know anything about Vitamins for ADD?

My fiancee, Trish, found a vitamin supplement that is supposed to help kids/people with ADD find more focus. Supposed to take 30 days or so to fully kick in. Been about 2 1/2 weeks and I think theres some improvement, but not sure. Anyone know anything about it?

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concerned mom

What's the name of the supplement you're refering to? I also posted about a supplement that I just started my 6 yr old on. He has some focusuing issues too. The supplement my son's taking is called Happy, Calm and Focused. Today will be his second day on it. So far we haven't seen any changes, good or bad, and no side effects. The way I look at it, it's worth a try. Just run the vitamin by your pediatrician to make sure it's safe. My son's dr was fine w/ trying it, as long as we eliminated his daily multi-vitamin w/ fluoride. Too much of a good thing can sometimes be harmful, so be careful. The dr said she can always give our son a fluoride supplement on it's own if this new supplement works for our son. I'm not totally convinced, but I'm hopeful. Please let me know the name of the product you're trying and if you see any results. I'm always looking for new suggestions. Thx, and good luck!
PS--I've read that zinc is supposed to be good in helping kids focus better. Also, I've heard a lack of iron can contribute to focusing problems in kids. I'd be wary about iron supplements, however, as too much iron can be very dangerous for a child. Always make sure you ck w/ a dr before giving a child any kind of supplement. It may say 'all natural' on the label, but still it can have side effects.
Overall, I believe a good supplement along w/ a healthy diet and exercise can make a big difference. I also give my son Omega 3 fish oil which has great health benefits, but for us, it hasn't helped w/ my son's focusing issue. I hope my suggestions are useful to you. Please keep me posted on how things go. Best wishes!

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Most people with ADD are seriuosly lacking the amino acid GABA. GABA is also responsible for quieting the "static" in the brain and really works wonders. It is the most needed amino acid for brain function..we all have ADD in my family & I can honestly say that I would pay $2k a month to feel the way I do...but it is $15. No side effects, world wide studies are going on right now and many have been completed.

Be forewarned about vitamins & especially FISH OIL! If your vitamins are not from ARTIC PURE water, then you are most likely ingesting toxic metals. The cheap vitamins (glucosamin & shark) are made by using large, predatory fish, from FILTHY water. Are they made in the USA? Do you really want ingredients sourced from China?