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5th grade doesn't know how to write/spell

Hi I am hoping I can find some advice.
Since the age of 3 my son had attended preschool. Diagnosed with speech delay at that age and has since received speech therapy. During pre-k daily issues with behavior at school..tantrums, refusing to cooperate with teacher. School suggests maybe ADD/ADHD. No issues with him at home, I believed his problem was the severity of his speech delay. How do you cope as a 5 yr.old one when no one in classroom understands you? Ok, son goes to Dr. diagnosis.. ADHD. Now on special education program assisting him with reading and writing. Gets to 3rd grade and he wasn't reading or writing on his own. Could do spelling tests, but later forgets how to spell words. By end of 3 grade, can finally READ!! But, we are now in 5th grade and he can not spell more than 20 words. Have asked school what else to do for him? They have not been much help.
Sorry so long.

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My daughter had similar issues and the school was absolutely no help. I was concerned becaused I am dyslectic and I saw she was haveing problems. The school refused to test her so I took her to the Colorado Reading Center for evaluation and tutoring. In 40 hours of tutoring she improved 2 grade levels!! Now she enjoys reading and is doing much better in school. Check out their web site for the methods they use and hopefully you can find someone near you.
Good Luck

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Have you tried putting him in an afterschool program or getting tutors?

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My son gets help from reading specialist twice a week at school, plus the speech pathologist. Have not thought of hiring a private tutor since I believe he is already receiving that help at school.