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18 yr old visually impaired and mental delay..

My son is 18 yrs old, with a mentality level of probably a 3rd grader as well as being low vision. He is considered legally blind but has some sight. I have had problems with him with connecting with friends. It's as if he hates people. If he gets a friend, he finds something wrong with them and disconnects with them. He is currently in a work program for his senior year in high school and will stay in this program until he is 21 yrs old. He has not come home with any friends phone numbers or email address. His excuse for not staying friends with someone is because they "bother" him, there is no real reason. This summer he went to a sleep-away camp for the blind. He hated his roommate and the only friend he made there, ended up being his "girlfriend" (they are not together anymore because she lives to far away). But even her, he has not called her or contacted her in anyway to try and stay in touch. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!