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14 yr old Daughter struggling in English - what to do next?

My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed as receptive and expresive speach delayed at age 4. Speach therapy helped. But as school started she showed signs of having reading and later writing issues. We have done Sylvan (no progress), one on one tutoring(no progress), speed reading (that class did help). 

We started out in the 3-6% range have moved up to the 25 to 35%  in standardized testing. But seem stuck here.

The doctor who does the testing here in town wants to medicate. But she displays no signs of ADD or ADHD.

Now we enter freshman year of high school and we have a teacher/coach who isn't sure how to deal with this......nice guy, but just not sure how to handle this. 

Our goal is to help her find ways to cope, but I don't know where to even start. . . . 

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concerned mom

I feel for you. My son is 5, and he was diagnosed w/ a speech and language delay (both receptive and expressive) at age 3. He's been through early intervention from age 2-3, and has since been enrolled in a spec ed program. He's coming along slowly, but I often worry about his future reading/writing skills. He, too, is getting speech therapy. For fine motor, he receives OT twice a wk. It's draining, but I know it's necessary. The school recently tested my son and labeled him communication impaired. He's very bright; it just takes him time to learn new things. Hang in there. It's hard, but it's worth it. I've learned the importance of advocating for my child to get him the services he needs. If you feel your daughter is struggling, talk to the school. They need to do something. Private tutoring can be helpful, but it's also very expensive. You can maybe look into your local hospital to see if they offer services that might be helpful to your daughter. Many times insurance will pay for these services. I wish you the best of luck.

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Deborah Johnson

my daughter had adhd/learning delays, and spends part of her day in a self-contained classroom setting. She is presently in the fifth grade. This year they are teaching her advanced math (5th grade math), but she can't even multiply/divide. They give her a calculator. Teacher states result of "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND". Anybody else having these issues?
I'd much rather her know basic math, and forget 300,000 is 10(5)power!

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Deborah Johnson

posted this at the wrong place.

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For what ever reason, some subjects are just harder for a child to get into than others. Maybe some tutoring or extra work in this subject area may help.