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Toddler misses single dad during week

Our son is a single, unmarried dad. He works full time plus attends university. His ex has custody of their 2 yr old daughter. He gets her every Saturday plus alternate weekend sleepovers. Lately, our grand-
daughter has been getting upset & having tantrums over missing daddy during the week. His ex wants our son to 'fix it.' I realize this is difficult for his ex, but ..he is doing the very best he can. They do not live in the same city, so evening visits are not possible. Any suggestions as to how to make the week between visits go more smoothly?
Thanks from Concerned Nana

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I would suggest you set some sort of routine. Just because your son and grand-daughter live too far apart to see each other every night, doesn't mean they can't still have a routine. Perhaps your son and grand-daughter's mother could come up with a plan... For example, maybe your son could call every night, right before his daughter's bedtime, and read her a story, or just chat about her day a little... sing a song... whatever. Any routine would be very helpful and make your grand-daughter feel more secure/stable. Just make sure that if he commits to such a routine, he sticks to it, otherwise she will lose trust in her daddy - and you don't want that. Good luck!

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I have a similar problem with my son he is two his father works abroad and he see him just once a month for 3 days max, he is a loving father and chooses to work away for a better future for his son, we Skype just before Bed time that way they get to see each other every day, its tough but its better than not seeing him at all..

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Skype is an excellent suggestion as are letters and phone calls. Just knowing that Dad is thinking about him. What about making a special photograph album or scrapbook and filling it with pictures and mementoes of the times they spend together.

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As soon as dad is able to find work locally, it would be better. A great future is no substitute for a daddy.