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Shopping for a 13 and 14 yr old girls

Raising two girls alone was hard enought, but now they are at the age where they are begining to care about what they look like and are more concious about what they are wearing. I would like to be able to help them out so they can be happy with how they look. I dont have lots of money to spend on clothes but I was wondering if anyone had any good shopping tips or anything.


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Shop the sales and clearance racks. Go to outlet centers if possible. Most "seconds" are undetectable as such. Look for coupons. Also, many thrift stores have items with the tags still on. Make sure your girls LOVE the item of clothing before it is purchased so it does not sit in the closet. Don't spend much money on clothes that are too trendy as they sometimes go out of style quickly. No impulse buying. Establish a budget and stick to it. My children tell me that being thrifty is one of the most valuable things they learned from me. We all still love a good bargain. My 31 y/o son calls me just to tell me his latest bargain hunts.

Happy shopping!!!!

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try going to a aeropostale at your local mall this store is great i just found out from a friend i always thought she spent tons of money on her daughters clothes who is almost 10 she explained to me not really her daughter just bought her new clothes for next year at this store she says watch for the sales and right now they have a great one shorts used to be 30.00 are now 10.00 also ahe says to look in the back they run markdown items in the back at 70% off she got 4 shirts off the rack for 5 each ,these clothes are in style for teens, preteens and anyone else who likes them .also another good store is Abercrombie and hollister ,Abercrombie is a little more expensive then hollister but in the back of the store are the mark down ,she swears by the clothes she says you save money in the long run because they hold up better .i plan to go today to the first store Aeropostale they have sandles 2 for 10.00 thats a great price they also have nice cary bags her daughter one almost 10 yrs and one in highschool use these to carry books and they are in style they are 10.00 so try the store out your girls will love the place and you will love the prices !!! you have got to be careful i never shop second hand because they want almost as much as going to get it new and you can only get half the wear my friends daughters have clothes from the shop i told you about and they both have clothes that still look great they have been wearing for years .

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concerned mom

Marshall's and TJ Maxx are other great stores that sell designer clothing at discount prices.

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concerned mom

Also, when it's a special occasion (a birthday, Christmas, whatever), ask others to get gift certificates to your daughters' favorite stores. This way, when sales time comes around, they can buy what they want.