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Need Advice....3hours from my Daughter

My name is Benjamin and I am new to the site as well as being a parent. I desperately need any and all advice. I'm going through a divorce and we have a 2 year old daughter who I love with all my heart. Gabbi means the world to me and she loves her father very much as well. I have moved back to my home town to be closer to friends, family, and job opportunity. The 3 hour move has been almost a year now and I have been feeling nothing but severe anxiety and depression because of the fear I have of my daughter one day getting older and thinking I have left her behind. We spend plenty of time with one another a week out of every month, plus holidays, and other unexpected granted visits. I want to see her everyday regardless that would not be permitted even if I lived in the same location. I need to know if anyone has raised children from this distance and did it effect their relationship with their children? What do I need to know or what should I expect. I do and will do almost anything for her and I love her very much! She is always excited to come home with me and spend time with Grandma as well but I need to know that being a good father from this distance (3 hours) is going to be ok? I would appreciate any and all advice. Thank you.

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Give her things that can be part of her daily routine such as a special book or stuffed animal to remind her of you. She is young right now so most important to just have fun times together. Don't give her the idea that you are not friends with mommy as this can backfire on you. Remain loyal to your daughter by treating her mom with respect even if mom doesnt deserve it. When your daughter is older....she'll make her own decisions. Good luck!