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Kids dont like moms new boyfriend

My 8 yr old daughter doesnt like the man that I am dating and we have decided to move in together. I have given her time to get to know him and my son has responded very positivly to him, but she is mean and nasty to him all the time. I cant get her to talk to me, I want to accept him and give him a chance and I want it to be in her way and in her time. But I feel like she is controlling my life and tring to get attention at this point....WHAT DO I DO?

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Do not make the mistake of moving in with someone your daughter does not like. There may be a good reason she does not like him that she does not feel comfortable telling you or does not have a mature enough vocabulary to impart to you at 8 years old. If you do not take your daughter's feelings into consideration, then she will learn that she cannot trust you. You need to give your daughter the positive attention she deserves instead of putting your time and attention into moving in with a boyfriend. Her acting out is her way of letting you know you need to be putting her first. Your children will be grown so quickly and you will have plenty of time to pursue your own wants and desires then.

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I think that you should make a day where you and the family do something together and then maybe she will enjoy herself and set the differences aside and then she will learn that he makes you happy and he could maybe be the one you spend the rest of your life with.

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“But I feel like she is controlling my life and tring to get attention at this point....WHAT DO I DO?”
Maybe she needs attention. When we become parents we stop living for ourselves, every decision we make we have to consider the impact our decisions will have on our children. To you this may seem like a simple step to take, but to a child this is a major move. As adults we have the life skills, and knowledge to handle such changes (most of the time anyway) but she may be having a hard time verbalizing her fears and concerns. You also state that he is a “new boyfriend”. Why would you take such a huge step with someone who is new in your life? You need to put your children first.