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Disrespectful 8 yr old

Hi everyone...I'm new here so let me give you a quick rundown about my son. His dad and I were never married but we were together for close to 10 yrs. He spent 4 years incarcerated and that is the main reason for our break up. Fast forward to the day he came back. We tried to make it work for our sons sake but we could not agree on how to raise our son. We have been living apart for 2 yrs now and things are still just as bad. My ex believes that DS should have everything that he wants, even at 8, and that he doesn't need to do anything to earn it. This drives me NUTS!!!

At 9pm on a school night he will take DS to the store for ice cream or a bag of chips just cuz he asks. DS is very disrespectful when he is at my house, especially after school since I'm the one who picks him up everyday. I have a rule that he can have a small snack and then homework. If I tell him that he can't have the TV on while he does his work, he will sneak into the other room and call his dad. His dad will get me on the phone and then tell me that he told DS that he could take a break for 10 min and then he has to do his work. DS doesn't tell his dad that he hasn't even started any homework, but already he gets to take a break? OMG!! When I hang up with my ex on the phone my son gives me a smart little smirk as in,"ha ha I got my way again!" I'm just going crazy with this cuz DS is turning into a spoiled brat that I don't even want to be around. I had a conference with my sons teacher and DS is failing 3rd grade. So what does his dad do? Just guess....well he went and got him a Playstation2!! He just got a Wii from Santa aka my ex, yet he goes and buys my adorable brat another expensive game console so he can rot his brain even more. Oh, I forgot to mention that DS weighs in at 104 lbs, so that is another issue that I'm having with my ex and the stuff he feeds DS. Any suggestions on how to deal with my disrespectful 8 yr old?

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Make up a contract for your house when he is with you and have him sign it along with you. Have your son's input on what goes in the contract and follow it. Be consistent and sit down with your son with his homework and don't get up.... so that he doesn't call his dad. If he is having problems sitting down for longer periods of time to do homework... start with small periods of time and build up. One week do 10 min. the next 13 min. and build up until he is able to sit for around 20-25 min. Set the rules now or it will be harder later. Have an honest talk with him and let him know what you expect and stick with it! Good luck.