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I am divorced since past 2 yrs. My daughter is talks  with me .But in social settings she has  kind of become reticent .It
looks like she stammers also a bit.THough not always .She has become
over sensitive to me. Her Dad is not with her at all ,but calls her
once in a while. Her grades have also gone down.She feels comfortable
not interacting. how do I bring her out.

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I was wondering if both you and your daughter may have some anxiety due to the stress of your situation. I dealt with my anxiety by going to counseling. It was very helpful. There are probably some books or sites about overcoming anxiety, too.

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How old is your daughter?

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concerned mom

Try getting your daughter to open up to you. Are you in contact w/ her father? You need to work w/ him if at all possible. A divorce can be difficult for any child to handle. Also, maybe something else is going on? Have you considered therapy for your daughter and yourself? Sometimes talking to an ouside person can be easier. Try to get to the root of the problem, and make sure your daughter knows that you'll always be there for her to lean on.

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She may have or be developing Social Anxiety Disorder. Have this checked out as soon as possible.

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concerned mom

Good pt, 2xstepmom. It wldn't hurt to get her ck'd out.