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Advise on transportation to and from school

I am new to this and thought I'd take a chance to see what others (if any) are in my position and what they have done and see if anyone could lend a helping hand. I just recieved custody of my children and for the last 3 months its been kinda crazy, have had a friend picking up my kids and on wed-Friday taking them and picking them up from school. I now have them full time THANK GOD with the stipulation that my kids are stable in their school (slight problem) I am out of the district and now my friends buisness is starting to get busier and she can no longer help me out and I feel lost. I am normaly from the west valley and have been in Mesa for 2 years. I do not go out nor have I met many people. I need to keep my childrens stability, its always been my main goal. No matter how rough it got for them w/ the divorce. I am not too far from the school but not really that close for them to go by themselves. I am looking for a house but its hard when I need someone to work with me regarding deposits. So what I'm looking for is someone who I can trust w/ my children who is very known in the school that may be a stay at home mom that could help out until the end of the year. (or until I can locate a house) Is there anyone else that has this issue or been where I am at? If so what did you do and any advise or maybe you know someone? My kids are everything and all I have so to put myself out here is actually scary.

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concerned mom

It's good to see you're such a loving a caring mom to your children. First some questions: Are you currently working, and if so, do you have the flexibility to leave your job to d/o & p/u your kids from school? I assume that's where the problem lies, although you never said that. Also, if you are working, are your children in an aftercare program of any kind? That's always an option. Also, have you considered hiring a babysitter to take your kids to and from school? If the person has good references, that wld certainly help give you peace of mind. Another option is to look into bus service. Some schools will bus the kids depending on where you live. These wld be all the ideal options. If none are possible, however, call the school. Explain your situation. Maybe they can recommend another alternative for you.
I know how difficult it is to trust just anyone with your children. I suggest, in addition to trying what I already mentioned, that you get to know the other parents at your children's school. Especially as a single mom, you're going to have to rely on others to help sooner or later. Go to meetings, join the PTA, whatever. Talk to your kids about their friends, and find out who their parents are. This is also good to know for future playdates, birthday parties and other special events.
I hope my advice is helpful.