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Would Appreciate Mom feedback for School Project

Do you have children? How many and what ages?

Do you think it is important for teachers to form relationships with parents? Why?

Should parents be involved in their education? To what extent? To what extent are you involved in your child's education?

Do you have good relations with your child's teachers?

And To what extent do you believe a teacher-student relationship should be?

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1) 1, age 2 1/2 2) Absolutely! I am a private piano teacher, and I know that from year's of experience that the success or failure of the student is dependent largely upon my greatest advocate, THE PARENT! 3) Parent's have to take responsibility for the fact that it's not all on the schools and the teachers to educate children. Parents are the PRIMARY teachers for their children, even just in their own attitudes towards education and its importance. 4) My daughter is still very young, but we have taken time to get to know her music class instructor quite well. 5) It needs to be cordial and mutually respectful. Teachers and parents should support each other, but also recognize that each has specific roles in the child's life that do not always overlap. Sometimes the teacher has to let the parent be the parent, and sometimes the parent has to let the teacher teach. - Luke Bartolomeo, for iOS