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Wont use toilets at school

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My daughter wont use the toilets at school, this seems to have been going on for a couple of weeks or more, she will hold on all day and come home busting to go. I have been talking to her about this but all i can get out of her is they are dirty although i think there is more to it, im worried she will end up having an accident at school and this will really embarrass her as she is nearly 11. Once she has been very close to having an accident on the way home in the car. Anyone elses kids wont use loos at school or had an accident.


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I went through this when I was a kid, but it was not because of them being dirty, it was because there were no doors on the stalls. I cope with dirty toilets by stopping at the sink on my way in; I take several paper towels and put soap on them, wet, and then squeeze the excess water out. I use those to clean the seat and take a few extra to dry it. Sounds crazy I know, but ya do what ya have to. You could also get some antibacterial wipes and put a few in a sandwich baggie for her to carry with her to use.
I hope this helps, if not I would stop by the school and just walk in the student restrooms to see that they are being maintained. Whatever is stopping her needs to be fixed so she can concentrate on her work, and not worry about trying to hold it until she gets home.

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The 10 y/o I nanny has this same issue, as did/does my now 25 y/o daughter. We've used both methods suggested and when soap and/or paper towels are available, that works. The wipes in a baggie is a bit trickier as other kids make comments when the baggie is seen by peers.

The solution we came up with is for the child to be allowed to use the toilet in the nurses office when necessary. My daughter was even allowed to keep her wipe container in the nurses office once we got a note from her doctor.

The toilets in the school seemed to be clean when checked by adults, but were never up to par for my daughter or the child for whom I care.

The up side is that my daughter keeps the toilets at home sparkling clean at all times. Now if she only felt the same way about the kitchen or her room........

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concerned mom

My son had a few accidents at school from holding it in. Your daughter is much older than him, but still this is a problem. Your daughter can get a bladder infection is she doesn't go when she needs to. Follow the advice about the wipes, and see if things get better. If you still don't see a change in your daughter, look into the issue further. Maybe there's more to the story like you originally thought.

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what happen to the school bathroom