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Wetting Pants at School

Hi there

I am needing some advice my 9 yr old daughter wet her pants at school a month or so ago, she hasnt had an accident since she was 5 years old and she doesnt wet the bed. The teacher rang me and asked me to come down to the school, she explained that my daughter had asked to do to the bathroom and she had said yes straight away when she didnt return after 5mins she sent another girl to go check on her and of course the girl came running back in yelling shes wet her pants, much to my daughters embarrasement. I asked my daughter what happened and she just said she couldnt hold on. I thought she is a bit old for this and should be able to control it but let it go. Since this issue she has started wetting her bed and had wet her pants 1 other time when at ballet. (this time she wasnt allowed to go to the toilet straight away but only had to wait 5 mins). I have had her to the doc twice and eliminated urinary tract infect and we have had no big events or up heavals, does any one else have a child who has had an accident at school... how did you deal with it??? Thanks

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We are having the exact same problem with our 8 yr old girl.  It has happened at school a couple of times, but she insists that she accidentally "sat in some water".  I wish we could help, but we will follow the comments and hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on this.  Our daughter is so into looking nice and loves to dress up pretty.  She has gone thru some trying times which could have something to do with it.......  Good luck.

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It sounds like the first time it happened at school was just purely an accident which we can all have, even adults. She probably held it in too long before asking to be excused. Because it was handled so badly at school with that other child making it very embarrasing for your daughter, she is now very nervous about it happening again, which of course won't help at all and now it is happening more. Maybe you just need to sit down and talk to her and get her opinions on what is happening and see if you can work it out. Maybe she just needs some reassurance. Could the other children at school be giving her a hard time about her 'accident'.

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Hi marti

Thanks for your reply, how old was the child that had the accident while with you? and how long where they made to wait... was there no toilet near or didnt they ask?

How did you handle it and was the child upset

Thanks :)

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Hi All


Sorry havent been on in a while it has been very hetic time, I have had my daughter to a bladder specialist and she has undergone some test etc - the doc seems to think as she is starting puberty and growing so fast her bladder hasnt caught up and is experincing some weakness.  She has grown a huge 17cm this year!!

She has had a couple more accidents but she is dealing with them alot better now. She was at a friends and woke up in the night busting to go to the loo she got up to go and couldnt find the light - and was unsure of how to get to the loo, she tried to wake her friend but she wouldnt wake up fast enough, she was so busting she peed the bed. Both the daughter and mum thought she had just wet her bed while asleep.

The second time we where in the car stuck in traffic - after a 45 min hold up she told me she needed to pee - 20 mins later she was busting - we still had at least 30 mins to go with the delay - i told her not to hold it it was ok to pee - i didnt want her doing damage her bladder she ended up peeing in a ice cream container - lol

She has got into a good habbit of going every 1 hr - 90 mins - hopefully her bladder will catch up soon



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Has anyone checked your daughter's blood sugar or ran a glucose test on her for Juvenile Diabetes? My friend's eight year old recently had the exact same problem you are having with suddenly wetting her pants and also wetting the bed at night. She was potty trained at 2 so this is very peculiar. Turns out that her daughter has diabetes. It causes increased and frequent urination that becomes quite urgent until the disease is under control. Excess sugar in the blood can only escape through urine so if diabetes is present, and untreated, the body will keep trying to rid itself of the sugar by excessive wetting. Kids can barely deal with this and especially at night. I'm not meaning to cause alarm here but if you have not ruled out juvenile or Type I Diabetes yet.....please check this out. The symptoms in my friends daughter were simply having accidents and wetting the bed which all just popped up without any warning. Once the diabetes was discovered and she started treatment, it all stopped. Please look into this just in case.

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I am glad I found this. I have an 8 yr old son and he has been wetting his pants during the day. I was wondering if it was a side effect of his medication but could not find any thing. Does diabetes run in your friends family or was this a result of medication?

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My friends daughter that was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes did not have it in her immediate family. There were some older members which were second generation that did have Diabetes but not her mother, father, grandparents, or siblings. It is hereditary though. She was not on any medication when this was happening. At first, they thought it was a bladder infection, then they thought it was behavioral. Finally, when it kept continuing, one of the nurse practioners at our pediatric office tested my friends child's blood sugar and it was through the roof! BINGO! She went into the hospital to be stabilized and then the wetting stopped as she went on insulin and a sugar-free diet. Just like that.

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Carol F


If your daughter has continued to have accidents since your message posting, I would recommend takig her to see a pediatric urologist. My daughter was potty trained from age 2-4. Shortly after starting preschool, she started having accidents (sometimes up to 6-7 per day). Her pediatrician said to re-train her and she may have regressed since I was pregnant with my other daughter and she may be a little jealous. Long story short...after lots of testing, she was diagnosed with incontinence and bladder dysfuction as well as a small bladder. The muscles were not working properly. After this diagnosis, she started getting Urinary Tract Infections and Kidney infections on a regular basis which would land her in the hospital on many occasions. Further testing showed that she had urinary reflux. Surgery corrected this although she still continues to have accidents on a daily basis. She takes medication for it but I still fight an uphill battle worrying about her being teased or embarrased. I've been lucky this has not happened to her yet. She does well coping with it. The school nurse and teachers are aware of her problem but she has lots of friends that are understanding. I think it helps for them to know that this is because she has a medical condition and not because she's "a baby". She is now 8 years old and in third grade. She carries an extra pair of clothes in her backpack and is allowed to be dismissed if she needs to change. In addition, she wears a panty liner so that any excess urine can leak onto that. This helps tremendously!! If it gets wet, she tears it off and throws it away. Feel free to keep me posted if you have any questions or need advice. I've heard my daughters problem is common.

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I have an eight year old son that was potty trained before the age of two and has been accident free forever..... until last night.... He wet the bed, ok fine that happens.... Hes says he was in a deep sleep... But he came home from school today wearing different pants and underwear.... Apparently he had another accident there!
He says he didin't get there in time. I asked him how his bladder felt... He hasn't noticed any changes. I'm just a little freaked out. We are about to move in with family while my husband goes to training with the goverment... so we are about to have a major change, althought he will still be at the same school. He is my most easy going kid.... I hope I haven't stressed him out. I hope there isn't another peeing incident! If so , what do I do?

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Urinary tract infections are rare in boys, but possible. I'd get him to the doctor and have them test a urine sample.