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Teachers demeaning Students

Hi, I just found this site and was very impressed with the information I found. I am hoping to get some good feedback on an issue my daughter who is 15 and in 9th grade is having.

Currently she has two male teachers who are rather young. They both have constantly demeaned my daughter as well as a few other female students. Just yesterday my daughter and another female student came back into the classroom after being in the bathroom and the teacher made the comment "look here comes dim & wit". It really upset my daughter but the other student just laughed it off. There have been so many times this year when things like this have been said. Both teachers are also in the habit of pointing out the students faults quite loudly in front of the entire class instead of dealing with the issues in private. Why is this happening? My daughter has tried to go to her principal about it but even I am told that they are to take the teachers side and that both are very respected teachers. I really don't care how respected they are I want it to stop. What should I do?

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You need to get down to the school and speak with the principal yourself. Take nothing short of an apology, and an assurance that this will not continue.

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I had a similar situation with my son and his teacher.
The teacher used the Bast*** word on two occasions when speaking to my son.
I spoke to the principal and the administrator of the school, in a meeting in which the teacher was required to attend.
The teacher was reprimanded and eventually fired - my son was apparently not the only one that had issues with the teacher.
I would suggest contacting the principal and the administrator with both a phone call and a letter.
I requested a meeting, and voiced my concerns with everyone in authority present.

Good Luck,

Crosby, MN

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Adolescents today have enough to deal with without being demeaned by their teachers. These young men sound very immature and need to be reminded that they are adults and it is inappropriate for them to ever talk to a student this way. If you get no results from the principal, a visit to the School District office would be in order.

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Our fourth grade sons teacher told the class Friday she wishes she had a taser like the one in dispicable me and could taser them all for bad behaviour. This the day after a school in our area was on lockdown because a high school kid brought a gun to school
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