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Teacher problems Please help.

Hello all,

Our daughter (grade 3) told us that the teacher announced in front of the whole class names of the students that will be bringing bad report cards home. Her name was also in the list. This made her very embarassed. Also she tells us that the teacher sometimes refers to studentsas "dummies". We plan on finding out if this is true of course but if so, is this acceptable from a teacher?

Also, not sure if this is the right place to ask this but our 8 year old daughter watches Zack & Cody all the time. We are not sure if the show is appropriate for an 8 year old. Any thoughts??

Many thanks in advance....

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My older sister and my daughter each had the experience of being required to sign the "unprepared" list in 4th grade (2 different generations, 2 different school districts)! This was kept posted at the front of the classroom, and any time you came to school without all your homework done, you had to sign it. I don't know if they still do it, as I haven't sent my younger children to 4th grade.
Last I saw it, Zack & Cody was innocuous. Certainly not enlightening or uplifting, but a harmless way to spend time.

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concerned mom

Of course this is not appropriate behavior for a teacher. I'd make an appt w/ the principal right away to get to the bottom of this. If in fact the teacher is doing these things, I'd demand that your child be switched to another class and that something be done about this teacher.
Not sure if I ever saw Zack and Cody. Sounds familiar, though. My boys are 5 and 4, and they love watching Drake and Josh. If the show's anything like that, I'm sure it's harmless.

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As a teacher, it is absolutely inappropriate and against our district's guidelines to single out students based on negative grades.

I'd make sure your child is telling the truth. Many, many, many times the child embellishes something bad that happened to them in order to offset the bad grade they're bringing home.

As for "dummies," again, I'd ask the teacher about this. Sometimes we use terms that raise flags in the kids' minds when we're not referring to the kids at all. Something like, "Writing for Dummies" or something harmless like that? I'd just give the teacher the benefit of the doubt as much as you do your child.

As a 13 year veteran teacher, when parents take the time to ask my version before jumping the gun, then everything is resolved easily and with satisfaction on all sides. Most teachers are in the job because we love kids. :)

As for being unprepared and the way the teacher handled that...I don't think I'd handle it that way. I'd offer positive reinforcement to those who were prepared, then talk to the kid(s) who aren't on the side to see what the issue is. Or just talk to the kid who is unprepared. Embarrassment is a last resort.