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Teacher / Parent clashing

Is there any hope that my child will still receive the same quality education from a school that makes my child and wife uncomfortable?  The words of my daughter’s mouth are, “the teacher talks to me with a mad voice”.  Voice mail on my wife’s phone about my child not having a 1” - 3 ring binder will result in her punishment by means of no recess in a slight attitude.  All of this from a district that made my kids change to this new school (further away then the original they attended last year) and in the second week.  What is wrong with this picture, how can anybody ever expect my child to get a fair chance.  Try talking to the principle about these matters and find out that this is a highly respected teacher and that it’s not policy to just go and change teachers in the second week of school.  I’m mad as hell that this crap, I work hard for a living and bend over backwards to please my customers why don’t I get the same from a public funded school that I help pay for?  Ugggg….


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I think it is in your child's best interest for you to investigate moving her back to your old school.  Go to the district and request an open enrollment form to see if you may be moved.  Or look into the test scores to see if you qualify under No Child Left Behind guidelines,

if all else fails- it's your responsibility to not escalte the situation to behave as an adult role model and to follow the proper procedures (the way you'd want to be treated) and to document, document and then some.  You really need to decide what the goal is, and then make a plan of action to meet it. 

If it doesn't work contact the supertindent or school board members!