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Suggestion for daughter to repeat first grade

My daughter is in first grade and has been a little bit behind in reading and writing. Her birthday is in April so she just turned 7. She has always been tiny and her classmates treat her like a doll and try to help her a lot. She has lots of friends, is well behaved and well-liked in school. She is behind in reading and writing, not failing, but it has been suggested to me she repeat first grade. Looking for feedback on this - my husband says it will affect the rest of her schooling and self-esteem and we just need to focus more on helping her in school. We moved from another state last summer and have moved houses four times in one year and also been stressed financially since we own our own business. She also has a younger sister who is turning 5 in July that she is very close with and shares a room with. I do admit I could be doing a lot better job in helping her read, with homework, and maybe an extracurricular activity like piano lessons. I think our home situation is stabilizing and and I'm willing to work with her more next year if she goes to second grade, as opposed to just letting her repeat and focus on building her reading skills again in first grade with the same teacher.

I am having conflicting feelings about it but don't want to make the wrong decision for her. I have read that first grade is a crucial year and doing it earlier would be better than having to have her repeat later in her school career. Looking for feedback from other parents - what experiences have you had and long term what do you think would be the right decision for us? I've also read repeating a grade will give her a boost temporarily but statistically is a predictor of repeating again and/or dropping out? Help moms and dads please!

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We are going throw almost the same thing with our son a moment he is at And above gread in math but his reading and sleeping stink. I have been doing lots of reading stating it dose not help to hold them back, and it could be damaging. just keep loving her and it will all work out in the wash.. :)

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I repeated 1 st grade due to not being able to read well. I think I benefited from it, I have to say I wasn't happy then about it, but it was for the better. You are the parent and know what's best for your daughter, It's better to hold her back now then when she is older!!
I am now a mother of 5 going on 6 and I feel, I have done my best and have no self esteem issues with school and friends.