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Studying on time !!

1. how do i get my child to study responsibly and on time?

2. how do i get my child to feel bad when he gets bad grade so that he decides to make some changes in his study patterns?

My child takes about 45mins-1 hr to finish a burger, about 40mins to shower, approx 20mins to rinse his hands with soap. No amount of coaxing or timeouts or cancelled-privileges makes any difference in this habit.

My son hates to read and hence does not like to look up/ clarify doubts on the web (for eg finding out the capital of California, definition of high tide and low tide). He prefers to ask me his doubts and if i'm unable to explain then he wont go to the trouble of reading up on it to find out.

Also, he has a nonchalant attitude about his tests n quizzes that come up and doesnt want to prepare well in advance. When he studies well, he does get an A. But most of the time he barely passes the tests. He isnt worried about getting bad grades. He is very perceptive and intelligent if he wants to. He can understand/ solve a math problem if he "wishes" to, coz he is good in math but doesnt do anything to improve on it.

Please help ! I know i am doing something wrong in my approach. He is a very calm and loving child... likes electronic games and cartoons. Nature-wise he is wonderful and very religious and caring too.

I am only worried about his education

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concerned mom

Maybe your son isn't interested in the work or it's hard for him, so he puts it off. I was like that. To this day, it takes me a long time to complete tasks, no matter what they are. I too am smart, but I always feel like I have to put that much more effort into things to accomplish them or do them well. I always remember envying the kid who said he didn't study and he got an A. For me to get that A, it always took so much effort and hard work. For this reason, I never really liked school. I did excel though in those classes that came easy to me or that I found interesting. For me, the teacher made all the difference. Different kids learn in different ways. You have to find what works best for your son. One thing I found too was that if I did a little bit of work each night rather than wait til the last minute, I was so much more prepared for test time. Teach your son to organize and prioritize. Find ways of making the subject matter more interesting. If he finds the work to be difficult, review it w/ him each night so he's not forced to learn it all at once. It's really hard when the motivation is not there, but if you can find that one thing that gets your son excited about learning, it will definitely help. Stay on top of his work. Talk to your son. Talk to his teachers. Even get a tutor if you have to. Your son sounds smart, but if he's anything like me, he needs that extra push to just do it. Focus on his strengths, and work on weaknessness. I really hope this helps. Good luck!